Posted by: biebes | December 13, 2009

15.11.2009 Shirakawa-go – Kanazawa

Of course we got Japanese breakfast with rice and some things we couldn’t define what they were. We went for a stroll through the historic village of Shirakawa-gō that is one of Japan’s UNESCO World Heritage Sites and is knows for its houses constructed in architectural style known as “gasshō-zukuri”. The Gassho-zukuri, “prayer-hands construction” style is characterized by a thatched and steeply slanting roof resembling two hands joined in prayer. The design is exceptionally strong and, in combination with the unique properties of the thatching, allows the houses to withstand and shed the weight of the region’s heavy snowfalls in winter. Our bus for Kanazawa left at sharp 10:20. After the cold and rain in Shirakawa-gō, it was rainy and stormy in Kanazawa where we check-in at the Hotel Ana Crowne Plaza (room 1114). It was great to be in this nice hotel after the night in the guesthouse. In the afternoon we visited the Kanazawa-jō castle and the Kenrokuen Garden. Back with taxi.


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