Posted by: biebes | December 13, 2009

16.11.2009 Kanazawa -Kyoto

During the morning we strolled through the old Geisha and Samurai quarters. We were able to visit a Geisha and a Samurai house, both very beautiful. Lunch at the “Trattoria Tamaya”, a Japanese/Itarian Restaurant. At 14:58 we took the train Ltd Express to Kyoto where we arrived at 17:15 and checked-in at the Hotel New Miyako South (room 1348) and our luggage coming from Tokyo was already waiting for us. In the evening we went to the district of Gion where there are still Geishas and Maikos (Geishas apprentice). Dinner in the 6th floor of a building where we had delicious noodles, sashimi, skewers etc. Back to hotel with taxi.


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