Posted by: biebes | December 13, 2009

17.11.2009 Kyoto

Kyoto was the capital of Japan and the residence of the Emperor from 794 until the Meiji Restoration of 1868, when the capital was moved to Tokyo. During its millennium at the center of Japanese power, culture, tradition, and religion, it accumulated an unparalleled collection of palaces, temples and shrines, built for emperors, shoguns, and monks. Kyoto was among the few Japanese cities that escaped the allied bombings of World War II and as a result, Kyoto still has an abundance of prewar buildings. Sightseeing tour in the rain: Nishi Hongan-ji temple, Nijō Castle where the last Shogun lived, and afraid of being assassinated he had the floor built in a way that it squeaks when somebody walks on it; and the famous Rokyon-ji temple or the Golden Pavilion that was built in 1394. Amazing is the new train station, a project by Hiroshi Hara that was built 1997. There are escalators going outside up to the 11th floor! Dinner at a Sushi carousel restaurant.


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