Posted by: biebes | December 21, 2009

23.11.09 Osaka

Tour of Osaka today. Visit to America-mura, where many shops show an American Theme, like a statue of liberty etc. We continued to the Namba area with many crazy shop fronts. After Sushi for lunch we walked to the Shitennoji-Tempel. After the visit we arrived, by train, the main monument of Osaka, the Osaka Castle. In front of this castle a Drum Bank was performing. Enclosed see a video (not the actual performance we saw, but very similar)

In the evening we walked from our Hotel to the Umeda Sky Building. At 170 m altitude there is a outside viewing platform where we took a look at the skyline of Osaka during the Sunset. On the open square before the building, a true german “Weihnachtsmarkt” was selling all the normal “German” stuff like Gluehwein, Bratwurst …


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