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14.11.2009 Takayama – Shirakawa-go

After not getting any breakfast because we were too late (breakfast was served between 7 and 9 o’clock in the morning) we walked to the Miyagawa morning market along the Miyagawa river. Unfortunately only a few stalls were present as it was raining quite a bit. We then had our breakfast with skewers and buns. At 12:50 we took the bus to Shirawa-go. It crosses all the mountains through modern and sometimes very long tunnels (one of them was 10,7 km). Upon arrival we went to check-in in our guesthouse Hisamatsu which was a traditional basic Japanese wooden rural house. Our room was composed of the a low heated table (called kotatsu) and a gas heater. We had to sit on the tatami-carpets with lots of blankets. The bathroom was communal as well as the shower that was only activated between 16:30 and 21:00 hours. Our shoes were to be left behind the entrance door and we had to wear slippers. But when you go to the toilet, you have to change your slippers to ones proper for that. Delicious dinner with the other guests in a fireplace heated room. When we got back to our rooms, our “beds” were ready: a futon was on the floor with the feet to be put under the kotatsu table…

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13.11.2009 Tokyo – Takayama

For the next days, we had to divide our luggage into a small bag which we would carry along during the 3 days to come while the big suitcase would be transported directly to Kyoto. Breakfast at New York Sub’s. At 9:37 we took the Shinkansen to Nagoya and then changed to the Ltd Express that took us through spectacular landscapes with rivers and gorges to Takayama (660 m altitude). Overnight at the Hida Hotel Plaza. In the afternoon we visited the romantic old town with lots of Japanese tourists and souvenir shops. Dinner at the Shabu-Tei Bar in our Hotel with Hida-Beef and other regional specialities, along with warm Sake.

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12.11.2009 Tokyo

After having breakfast at “Arte Café” we took the metro to Ginza to watch the morning opening salutation of the department store Mitsukohi and Matsuzakaya. Afternoon tea on the 30th floor in our hotel. Volker went to Shinjuku while Julia rested.

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11.11.2009 Tokyo

Sightseeing tour with Gray Line. Lunch at Miyako on the right next to the entrance of our hotel. In the afternoon Volker went to Akihabara while Julia rested. In the evening we had dinner in our suite: Sushi to go from Atré.

Shinagawa Station Tokyo

Travel Agency with Leaflets at Door

No Smoking on Street

Skyline Tokyo

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10.11.2009 Tokyo

Arrival at 12:30 at the airport. We were welcomed by a trip assistant that gave us all our vouchers and tickets for the next week. Transfer to Hotel Pacific Tokyo with the public airport bus to Shinagawa JR Station. We got a lovely suite (room nº 1260) at Hotel Pacific Tokyo. Dinner in a basement restaurant “Kureshito” at the “Wing” shopping center close to the hotel.

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9.11.2009 Faro – Tokyo

Faro – Lisboa – London Heathrow – Tokyo Narita (TAP/BA/JAL),
aprox. 21,5 hours total flight time.

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